Selle Italia - Novus Boost Saddle (Black/Brown)

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The Selle Italia Novus Boost Gravel Heritage Superflow Saddle combines gravel oriented performance with vintage charm. With a compact shape and rounded point, you get complete adjustability. The variable density double padding in light gel ensures comfortable seating on rough roads, even at long distances. The classic Superflow cut-out guarantees minimum pressure on the perineum area. When you're down for hitting mixed surfaces and whatever comes your way, it's nice to have a seat that'll work well with you, and your style.


  • A gravel-focused saddle that blends performance and durability 
  • Fibra-Tek Leather cover guarantees lightweight durability
  • Side bumpers offer additional protection
  • SuperFlow technology relieves pressure on sensitive areas, and a thin layer of silicone gel helps absorb vibrations


  • WEIGHT: 260g 
  • RAILS: Ti 316 Titanium 7 x 7mm
  • DIMENSIONS: 148 x 255mm 

Handmade in Italy

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